Why is the Eagle Express Tuition Plan ending?

The UNT Tuition and Fee Committee reviewed feedback from Eagle Express participants and incoming students. The majority of students were interested in achieving savings at the beginning of their college career instead of waiting on a graduation incentive. The Save and Soar Tuition Plan locks in Board Designated Tuition and any applicable Differential Tuition for 4 years. The plan also provides opportunities for discounts in the participant’s first year of UNT enrollment.

 When will the Eagle Express Tuition Plan end?

The option to select the Eagle Express Tuition Plan will end at the end of the 2018-2019 Academic Year with the Summer 2019 semester.

 Will current Eagle Express Tuition Plan participants be impacted?

No. Participants will continue to have their tuition and fees locked in for their 4 years and be eligible to qualify for the graduation incentive if they meet the requirements.

 Why does UNT offer two tuition plans?

UNT offers two tuition rate plans to give you flexibility and convenience. Both plans offer you the best undergraduate experience in Texas at an affordable price, while helping you better forecast and plan for the future. The choice is yours.

 How does the Eagle Express plan work? 

The Eagle Express plan locks in your total academic costs (tuition and fees) for four years at a slightly higher initial rate than the traditional tuition plan. If you opt in to the plan and graduate in the allotted time according to the percentage of hours taken at UNT, you qualify for the Eagle Express graduation incentive. The incentive saves you up to $3,000 in your final 15 hours. You also may be eligible for a statewide $1,000 on-time tuition rebate.

If you’re a new freshman with 12 hours or fewer, you can save as much as $3,000 on your four-year total academic costs if you graduate in four years or less. If you start in Fall 2017 and earn the graduation incentives under the Eagle Express plan, you will effectively pay the same price for four years of tuition and fees as you would pay if today’s prices were in effect.

Total academic cost includes:

  • Board-designated tuition
  • State-mandated tuition
  • Mandatory fees
  • Course/instructional fees

The plan does not apply to room and board. Those rates are determined separately.

 Who is eligible to participate in the Eagle Express Plan?

New freshmen and transfer students seeking a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the plan. Students must meet the Texas residency requirements and be seeking a bachelor’s degree. If you do not meet the Texas residency requirements, are an out-of-state student or an international student, you will be automatically enrolled in the traditional tuition plan.

 How and when do I choose my tuition plan?

Students who register for fall classes will be notified that their charges are available for review on the student portal (my.unt.edu). Students will be able to opt in to the Eagle Express plan at that time.

 Are room and board rates included in the plan?

Room and board rates are charged separately and in addition to academic costs.

 Are course/instructional fees included in the cost?

The Eagle Express locked-in cost includes course/instructional fees. In the traditional plan, course/instructional fees are not included in the fixed cost and they will vary.

 Will the Eagle Express plan affect my eligibility for or my amount of financial aid and/or scholarships?

Questions about financial aid or scholarships should be addressed by calling 844-236-6855.

 What happens if I don’t graduate in my allotted time under the Eagle Express plan?

If you don’t meet the conditions for the graduation incentive for the Eagle Express plan, you end up paying about the same as you would under the traditional tuition plan. If you start in Fall 2018, for example, you would pay $52 less under the Eagle Express plan over four years without the incentives than you would on the traditional tuition plan. So it really does pay to graduate on time, but you won’t be penalized if you don’t. If you don't graduate within the allotted time, you will move to the traditional plan effective for the next semester.

 Will I automatically receive the graduation incentive I’ve earned or do I have to request it?

By applying for graduation prior to your final 15 hours before graduation from UNT, the amount of your Eagle Express incentive can be verified and credited to your student account.

 How and when will I receive the statewide $1,000 tuition rebate?

You must apply for the statewide tuition rebate. The rebate may take up to 60 days after graduation to process.

 How can I graduate in four years?

To graduate in four years, you’ll need to earn 30 college credit hours each year. UNT’s tuition schedule lets you take 15 hours per semester for about the same cost as 12 hours. If you choose the new Eagle Express Tuition Plan your first semester, you can also save up to $3,000 your final 15 hours if you graduate on time.

 To graduate in four years, UNT needs to offer a wide variety of required courses every semester, including summer. Do you have plans to make all required classes available for each major every semester?

UNT is making every effort to offer the necessary courses throughout the academic year and has focused specifically on improving and enhancing its summer offerings.

 If I don’t choose the Eagle Express plan, what is my tuition and fee rate?

If you don’t opt into the Eagle Express plan, you will automatically be part of the traditional plan, in which your academic costs will increase 3.9 percent each year for four years and course/instructional fees will vary.

 How does the Eagle Express plan affect my dual credit, AP, IB or CLEP hours?

The Eagle Express graduation incentive is based on how many hours you complete at UNT. Any college credit hours you earned before high school graduation do not count against new freshmen. For example, if you’re a high school graduate with 40 AP and/or dual credit hours, you would still be eligible for the $3,000 graduation incentive – which is a fabulous deal.

 Can I transfer in hours and still qualify for the Eagle Express plan? Is there a limit to the number of transfer hours?

Yes and yes. The Eagle Express plan is based on you completing most of your coursework at UNT, but it does allow you to transfer in a certain amount of hours. But, you will only qualify for the graduation incentive if you meet the terms noted on the transfer page.

 Can I enroll under the Eagle Express plan, leave school for a semester or year, and return to the plan?

Yes, provided you graduate within four years of the time you opt in to the Eagle Express plan.

 What if I change my mind after I choose a tuition plan?

Eligible students can choose a tuition plan or alter their decision until the payment deadline for the semester. To do so, sign in to my.unt.edu then go to “Student Center,” then “Account Inquiry,” then “Account Services,” then “Tuition Plan.”

 How will military hours affect the possibility of receiving the Eagle Express incentive?

Receipt of Hazelwoood or GI benefits do not affect your eligibility to opt in to the Eagle Express plan. Military hours are not required to be considered for admission to UNT. If you supply military credit, the admissions office must receive a memo from your academic advisor specifying what work you want applied toward your degree. Military credits posted to your transcript are considered transfer hours. For more information, contact Student Veterans Services.

 Will my total number of credit hours be considered for the incentive or just the hours that apply toward my degree?

Your total hours apply to the Eagle Express plan.

 If I sign up for the Eagle Express Tuition Plan but don't complete my degree at UNT, will I be billed for the difference between the plans?

No, you won't be charged.

 Why would taking courses in the summer result in a higher total cost?

The cost comparison graphs on the first page of this site are based on taking 15 semester hours in the fall semester and 15 semester hours in the spring semester. This takes full advantage of UNT’s tuition schedule, which lets you take 15 hours in a semester for about the same cost as 12 hours. In the shorter summer sessions, fewer hours are taken so there is no price break. Taking a few summer courses to graduate a semester early is a smart move, but Eagle Express students who regularly take 12 hours in the fall, 12 hours in the spring and 6 in the summer may find that the higher total cost offsets their graduation incentive.

The most cost-effective course of action is to choose Eagle Express, take 15 hours each semester and graduate on time.